The first step we start with is your profiling. We get to know about you, your goals, aspirations, your interest, your education qualification, extracurricular activities, internship and work experience. We also give great value to your parent’s words, so we do listen to them in order to get a clear idea about your financial position and other requirements. Competitive exam scores are another important factor for profiling, so we make sure that you prepare yourself for exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS so that we can include these scores in your profile in order to start our next step.

Admission guidance

We advise all our students in preparing documents for admission in universities. If a student needs to write IELTS/TOFEL we let them know about it early to appear for exam. This helps them in getting admission as early as possible and get more time for visa processing.


These scores are accepted from students belonging to non-English speaking countries. But now many universities accept students even without these scores. In such cases they may require a document stating that you are from an English medium background. We will help you get the required documents.

  • GRE GRE is preferred if you want to pursue MS in abroad.
  • GMAT GMAT is required while applying for an MBA in abroad.

Now many universities admit you even without these scores. If it is mandatory, we will send your scores to the required university departments.


Here we list the programs that best suit you based on your educational qualification, competitive exam scores and economic condition. We list down the programs and its related fields, say if it is Computer science, we give options like networking or information technology, big data, cloud competing. Basically we do this to understand your interest and would like to get a clear yes or no from you, so that we can choose accordingly.


Here we create a possible list of universities which you may consider. This is not the final list but it will help to get an idea as of which all universities have the programs you want and where all you can apply or rather the universities where you are eligible to apply.

Course Selection

Based on the universities you have selected we discuss the curriculum offered by each University. The same program may have different subjects and the syllabus may change from one university to another.

For example for an MS in Computer science program one university may have more concentration in networking while another may concentrate on mathematics. So we make a clear analysis as of which program may suit your interests best.


Here we shortlist at least 7- 8 universities based on your interest and preferences.
We then classify them into three categories - Safe, Moderate, Ambitious.


In this step we list out the documents you may require to apply. You will require documents like your transcripts, LOR, SOP, Resume, Competitive exam scores, financial documents etc.


Financial documents

We help you prepare the financial documents .Generally the universities and the US government will like to know whether you have the financial capacity to pursue your studies there. Such cases we help you acquire the required documents and let you know how much money is needed and how to show it. We also help you in acquiring a loan. NBFC’S like Credila, Avanse are ready to give you loan even before you receive your admit letter while government banks may not.


We very well understand that applying for higher studies is not Childs play. It requires lot of determination and perseverance to do graduate studies. Universities scrutinizes your profile from inch to inch. A single word or miscommunication can affect your dream. Universities may be keen to know

  • Why you have chosen that particular university
  • Why you are interested in that particular course?
  • Whether you are experienced in the field?
  • What are your future plans after studies?

Admission committees consider candidates who have well defined and clear-cut motives. But with our experience of dealing with hundreds of students we very well know what is expected of your SOP. We make sure that your SOP is unique and vibrant. We will make sure that the admission department will feel that you are the right candidate and someone worth giving admission to once the go through your SOP. So give us a chance to present you at your best and help us to make your content interesting and engaging.


Another factor that may determine your future is the letter of recommendation. Writing a genuine LOR can be a daunting task. US universities give high preference to recommendation when considering your application. We are always ready to write the recommendation letters that will help you get into your Dream University and program. Striking the right balance is very important while writing an LOR or else it will have a negative effect. The tone of the letter is also very important, it must sound professional and at the same time must me clear and readable. We are ready to help your professors and employers to write the LOR based on their experience with you as well as the requirement. Your professor as well as employer may have lot to talk about your skills, academic and work performance but they may not know how to put it into right words. We very well understand their situation, so we are ready to lend a helping hand by writing the LOR based on their valuable inputs. We definitely know that you deserve a career which you love and we will put every effort to make it come true.


Transcripts are nothing but the mark sheets. This includes your college or university mark sheets and certificates. Some universities may prefer original documents while applying while other may opt for scanned copies. Generally these days things are digitalized but if a hard copy is required we will courier them on your behalf.


The fee may vary from one university to another. We make sure that you are ready with the fee required for each university along with other documents.


Once the documents are ready applying may take only less than a day. The filled applications are sending via courier if required. Universities prefer soft copies or digital copies now. But still there are universities which still insist on hard copy. In such case we will send the required documents via courier. All our documents are sent via reputed couriers and we ensure that your courier reaches the respective departments on time. We also keep track of your courier at each stage.


This is the final hurdle to cross. However, in most cases, MBA interviews are by invitation only. Admissions committee will decide based on all the other submitted material (application, transcripts, test scores, essays, recommendations) whether they should give you the final opportunity to prove your mettle.

Apart from the questions related to your career and aspirations, you may also get behavioural questions.

So based on the requirement we fix interview online for the student and your interview performance will decide your chance of admission. Usually top universities and ivy league colleges conduct consider interview mandatory for selection.


Once the application has been sent it may take around 6 weeks for you to receive your admission letter.
Meanwhile we keep track of your application status and ensure that it reaches the department on time.


Most of the students depend on bank loans while planning to study abroad. Fetching bank loans can be sometimes difficult. We help you get your loan on time and also help you arrange for all the necessary documents required for applying loan.

Visa assistance

Student visa procedure will vary for different countries. So our experts will guide you in preparing documents that is needed for filling visa. We never appreciate or prepare any fake documents for visa purpose. We do not charge any money for this service, We have hundred percentage success rates for most of the countries student visa.

Mock visa interview

There will be lots of questions for student when it comes to visa. We provide most of the question which is usually asked by the visa officer. We also conduct mock visa interview, so that the students will not have any fear during interview. There is no additional cost for this service.

Pre-Departure Briefing

As the destination that has decided is totally a new land for students. Our pre-departure briefing involves more about the place. We also give one-one counselling to make the students to achieve goal for which he/she has taken this decision of study. This final counselling will make students to strive for excellence. We already got more appreciation from parents for this work. Again we do not charge any money for this service.

Travel arrangements

We provide cheapest flight ticket for students who enrolled by truematics. We have collaboration with major travel agents in India. This can be done only if the candidate informed us prior to travel planning.

Foreign exchange

As you were travelling to different country, you may need some little money for initial expense. This money has to be carried in the form of foreign currency. Those who do not have any idea about this can get advice from our experts. We will guide you to better agents who can give competitive price for foreign currency.

SIM card

We advice students about the service providers of telecom and their tariff plan. This will help students in choosing the best service provider at low cost. We also suggest some SIM card which can be bought in India and used in abroad.


This is one of the major things that have to be done if you are moving abroad. There are lots of things for which you can claim insurance like travelling, health, etc. We always advice our students to take health insurance, as there are lots of benefit in it.


Most of the international students get guaranteed accommodation in abroad universities. We also provide information about private accommodation. Private accommodation is always cheaper than on campus hostel. It’️s always up to the candidate to decide about the accommodation needs.

After landing service

For certain countries we provide airport pick up service. This can be done only if the candidate inform prior to departure. We also help them in opening bank account in their new destination. For some countries we arrange part time jobs or student jobs. We constantly monitor students academic performance if requested by parents. Apart from all of these services, truematics is the top overseas education consultants in India. We made studying abroad very easy, than never before. We provide most of the service from admission to after landing helps. Thanks for choosing us as your abroad education consultants. Be a part in our alumni and keep growing.