Nurses and health care professionals are valued members of the health care system who work inclose collaboration with physicians and members of healthcare fraternity in promoting wellness. Health care in general and Nursing in particular, fall among the top 10 occupations that has the largest career growth potential in the years to come.

There are excellent career opportunities for Indian nurses who hold BSc/Diploma with permanent and temporary work available abroad, especially in the western countries. Nurses figure among the long term shortage skill list in many of the developed countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. Demand for nurses will continue to increase dramatically within the next few years.

There are many fast track and cost effective options available for nurses who wish to pursue their career abroad. Indian nurses holding Diploma (GNM) can opt for the Australian BN program or the Integrated Masters (BSc + MSc) program in UK to work as registered nurses in Australia and UK respectively.

For most of the nursing programs, the spouse can accompany the student with full time work rights and earn enough to cover the living expenses also the return of investment.

Job centric Programs for Healthcare professionals
A vast array of programs are available that suits the needs of health care professionals such as Lab technicians, physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists, etc. offered by various institutions from across the globe and accordingly health care professionals, including Indian Nurses have various job opportunities as Caregivers, Early Childhood Careers, Recreation Therapists and Critical Care Nurses.

Ambitious nurses who wish to further their education goals in a foreign country can also opt for the Masters in Nursing program or can choose from a varied range of specializations such as Infection Prevention & Control, Concurrent Disorders, Recreation Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Addiction Studies, Autism and Behavioral Studies, Early Childhood care, gerontological nursing, Palliative Care, critical Care nursing, Applied health management programs etc. These specializations give an extra edge while working as registered nurses in these countries and also earn good pay packages. Masters of Nursing in UK which incorporates the ONP component in these programs and nurses can improve their language skills while undertaking these courses and proceed on towards gaining their registrations after having met the pre-requisites of the Nursing Councils.