Even though the IIMs provide excellent education and good placements, getting into the top notch business schools in India is difficult as students have to crack the entrance exams which are very tough and very few lucky ones manage to gain admission in to these schools while those who do not have to make do with much lesser known institutions. The quality of programs offered by the mediocre institutions does not match up to the international standards with insufficient faculty and inadequate facilities and with very few or zero placement assistance which renders many of the graduates unemployed and seeking other jobs.

There are various cost effective programs with scholarships options offered by various universities and colleges in various countries like UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, etc. It is essential to seek the advice of expert consultants who can guide the students in choosing the right choice based on their background.

MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School can take you round the world. Many consider that a MBA degree is the ultimate entry ticket to get a good and high-paying job. This is because a MBA educational program fetches you both knowledge and expertise.

Global MBA graduates have dominated the current job market leaving lesser opportunities to an Indian graduate. It is a known fact that pursuing an MBA abroad would equip them with hands-on experience as teaching techniques in foreign universities combine classroom teaching with practical dissertations. Employers are more than happy to have business graduates with international experience who would be job ready right from day one. Another reason would also be at the cost of studying a 2 year MBA program in a top B-school in India, students can earn a better taught and recognized course abroad in just one year and push start their career early.