Who We Are

Encore Group is engaged in the field of Education, Placement and Consulting since 1997 in Bhubaneswar imparts various programs & activities in the field of IT & Management in association with various Government & Private Institutions.

Encore Education is a division of Encore Group – An overseas educational consultant dedicated towards providing services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. Established since 2004, the organisation is recognised by various overseas educational institutions and a large number of students who have been successfully placed in different institutions at Universities all over the globe. We provide you complete information about higher education in various countries, right from MBBS program in China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia & Ukraine, and All other UG / PG / Doctorate Programs in Countries like Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Europe and Other countries.

We sincerely believe that a Student’s success life is shaped, firstly, by the choice of career and secondly, by the genuine guidance he receives. At this point and onwards, Encore Education is most sensitively connected with Students’ Dreams & Aspirations, becoming the most sentimental and integral part of a Student’s Success story…

Our professionalism lies in our natural and simple ways of genuine advice, with Student’s Career visualised at the centre point, without having any vested interests. We provide counselling to students, regarding choice of course, based on wide spectrum of Universities, irrespective of whether we represent these Universities or not. We strive to offer time-saving secured admissions & appropriate informations.

Encore Education is well equipped with its progressive observations in Educational protocols, and thus has been able to sharply gauge the importance of higher studies abroad. We deliver sincere and clear guidance to the deserving students.

We offer “Begin to End” services to the students. i.e. We share their Dreams, meaning, Aspirations in the beginning and at the final end of the process, witnessing their Dream Success coming true, through our journey together on ethical grounds.

Our Services

Admission Guidance

Our USP is to clearly grasp the caliber and requirements of the Student. We help students to choose the right destination, the right course and deserving institution well blending their requirements, resources & personal circumstances such as Academic, Employment and Financial background.

Selection of Universities

We guide students to select colleges and universities abroad, as per the students profile. We customise their needs and find solutions, ensuring that the most suitable course and career graph is carved. Our advice is genuine & without any vested interests, based on wide spectrum of Universities. In the striving process to assist the student, keeping in view of his personal, academic and financial profile, we identify the best matched universities and offer a customised package of services to transform his goals into success. The guidance is based on sheer concern for the students career as a centric point, irrespective of any commercial interest and not limited only to partner universities we represent.

Exam Preparation

Encore Education offers free services to its clients from exam tips to recommending and even preparing students for entrance and admission tests that are essential for admission to international universities. Contact us to know more details about IELTS, TEOFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and PTE exams.

Application & Scholarships

Most universities and colleges have deadlines for admissions. Major intakes are January, May, July, September and November for international applicants. Scholarship deadlines are usually before normal application deadlines and are usually on first come first serve basis. We aim to provide our clients with timely information on applications and scholarship opportunities so they don’t miss out on their dream university because of untimely decisions. Furthermore, tracking of admission and application status is made available to students to ensure a smooth application process.

Visa Guidance

Applying for a Visa can be complicated and may invite rejections for your applications. We provide complete assistance and full information regarding student visa applications Students are given pre-Visa Interview Trainings, Mock Interviews to accustom with correct procedures, protocols and documentation. We then lodge the student visa application and coordinate the same on students behalf with the concerned visa office.

Visa Grant mainly depends on Interview & Financial position displayed and represented. We help students’ parents & guardians by providing complete & proper guidance regarding funds statement prior to Visa Lodgement.

Pre Departure Support

* Foreign exchange formalities,
* Banking Services,
* Pre-departure briefing,
* New host country information for daily living & settlement,
* Accommodation assistance,
* Travel arrangements & e-ticketing tips,
* Post departure issues like Pick-up, Drop & Food Facilities, assuring parents about their children well being and settlement abroad.

Encore Education is a one stop shop to a great career through systematised approach to studies abroad. At ENCORE we believe in complete student satisfaction.